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VEGACONNECT是德国VEGA物位计的一种调试工具,通过专用的USB数据线可以和电脑通讯。 结合PACTware和VEGA DTM,VEGACONNECT可以比较直观方便的对仪表进行调试
Interface adapter between PC and communication-capable VEGA instruments
Application area
The VEGACONNECT is an interface adapter for connection of
communication-capable VEGA instruments to the USB interface of a PC. In
conjunction with PACTware and VEGA DTM, the VEGACONNECT can be also
used as universal HART modem for sensors of other manufacturers.
Your benefit
 Simple use on plics® series instruments
 Versatile connection possibilities to different sensors through various attached
connection cables and adapters
 Simple voltage supply through USB interface
Technical data
Ambient temperature: -20 … +60 °C
Protection: IP 40
Housing material: plastic